Unity 3.0 unveiled!

Whoa. Unity really is going to be omni-platform!

I can’t wait to have a chance to make a web game that I then port to iPhone, Android, and XBox Live Arcade. This kind of thing can’t really be understated for small developers because the best way to maximize your revenue per game is to release it on as many platforms as possible.

Some highlights from the press release:

…major updates to Unity’s rendering capabilities, its physics features and significant optimizations to its core systems… [I hope this means PhysX and Mono upgrades!! Confirmed! Mono 2.6.x!]

Illuminate Lab’s Beast lighting software provides Unity developers with a complete global illumination solution for photorealistic scene lighting.

[Unity iPhone has] a very fast 2D sprite engine…

Global illumination and occlusion culling might be Pro-only features, but it’s still really exciting.

Set for release this Summer. Bring it on!!

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